OpenVMS on VAX

This page covers installing and using OpenVMS version 7 on DEC VAX, or equivalent.

Be advised that the HP Hobbyist program has been retired, and no longer provides any support, downloads or licenses for the OpenVMS operating system, or any Layered Products, running on VAX/VMS systems. Therefore, this hobbyist site will generally not provide any content related to software that requires a DEC license, which includes DEC networking. What is included is discussion of using VAX/VMS for open source projects, 3rd party networking options, and OpenVMS features that don’t require a specific DEC license.

While instructions for installing OpenVMS and Layered Products are generally cross-platform, when initial installation and bootstrap instructions are provided, they are provided for the SimH VAX-11 simulator hosted on Linux / Ubuntu and running on an Intel processor.

Installing on a VAX Simulator

  1. Build VAX Simulator & Install OpenVMS
  2. Install Carnegie Mellon University TCP/IP