OpenVMS on Alpha

This page covers installing and using OpenVMS version 8 on an AlphaServer, or equivalent.

The VMS Software Community License Program provides members of the community with the ability to download OpenVMS for free for learning, open source development, and exchanging knowledge of the operating system on Alpha and Integrity systems. This program replaces the prior HP Hobbyist program, and provides downloads and license packs for the OpenVMS operating system, as well as selected Layered Products, to registered members. This program does not provide any support, downloads or licenses for VAX/VMS systems.

While instructions for installing OpenVMS and Layered Products are generally cross-platform, when initial installation and bootstrap instructions are provided, they are provided for the AXPbox Alpha (AXP) simulator hosted on Linux / Ubuntu and running on an Intel processor.

Installing on an Alpha Simulator

  1. Build Alpha Simulator & Install OpenVMS
  2. Configure TCP/IP Services
  3. Configure DECnet